Employee Spotlight: Brittany Walker-Dixon, PB Coder, Wound Care & Podiatry

by Grace Jackson


This month, we’re thrilled to showcase Brittany Walker as our spotlight employee! Dive into her Q&A to discover her career journey, accomplishments and hobbies outside of work!



What led you to a career in Medical Coding?

Fun fact about me with my medical coding- it was my mom who inspired me to learn about the field as she is a medical coder herself, 45 years total experience in the field. She continues to inspire me each day as I always look forward to our chats about the latest and newest thing happening. She is a wonderful resource for me professionally as a true encyclopedia of endless knowledge, and as just being my loving mom, with always an open ear and heart, to listen to me vent on those hard long days, we all have.


What does a typical workday look like for you?

I dive right into the medical records charts, after checking my emails. I am often assigned a work queue for my specialties in coding. I want to make sure I code each chart accurately and still in a timely manner to meet my daily productivity goal. I sometimes have to email the doctors I code for if there is any discrepancy in a chart. Then there are days I am in a coding educational meeting, with my auditor Nicole in which I always look forward to as I see her as my mentor.


What energizes you at work?

It is definitely my co-workers all the way, every day! Also, our team meetings as well,  I just love seeing real faces with the people I work with. Everyone is truly so wonderful and amazing to work with, I am so thankful.


If you could give a piece of advice to a newcomer in the industry, what would it be?

I would say to always be yourself foremost, and to not ever be afraid to ask questions when in doubt about anything work related. I believe curiosity and the endless pursuit of wanting and being willing to always learn, especially in medical coding field, will only help you move into different coding specialties and even upper coding positions ahead. The possibilities are endless!


What do you love most about working in the healthcare industry?

In my field, I do not have the patient contact experience, however it makes me feel very good that my coding the codes on a patient’s medical chart, will help the claim get paid correctly to their health coverage, therefore the patient does not have to pay anything they should not be paying for. It is hard enough to be sick, as being sick is not a choice so I personally feel if I can help in any way for someone to have one less thing to worry about when being ill, especially their money issues, then I feel so happy I can make that difference for them as they continue to get better, and to not have to stress of owing money, or at least owing less personally. I know how difficult it is for the average person to understand their health insurance benefits and claims processing, so I am always very glad to help assist with any coding questions a patient may have too.


What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I love to spend my time with my family, including my two sweet dogs. I enjoy the outdoors a lot, especially hiking. I love exploring new areas by traveling and staying in an Airbnb cabin in the forest somewhere, then to the other side of that, going to the beach as well. I also love to try new recipes to cook and bake always. I love to write fiction stories too, on a rainy night, staying in.


What are you currently watching or reading?

My guilty pleasure I must admit, The Britney Spears memoir book, The Woman in me, that came out recently. She’s from my era and we do share the same first name, it’s almost like I have to.


What’s one thing you’re currently trying to make a habit?

To get up earlier during the weekdays, to have more time in my morning to prepare for a new day ahead.


If you could snap your fingers and become an expert in something, what would it be?

Hmmmm, I feel there are so many things I would want to be an expert at, but I think being a scientist in the human body, perhaps working on research on cures for disease and ways to stop the aging process for us all, how cool would that be!


What’s one item you can’t leave home without?

My fresh brewed coffee, this is a huge must.


What’s the next place on your travel bucket list?

I would love to visit Paris, as I have always dreamt of visiting that country and city! Love to get lost there, and learn about the culture, and since I am such a foodie at heart, their food.



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