Refer a client, get rewarded

We’re always looking to grow our network with like-minded people and we greatly appreciate those who help facilitate connections and introductions. As a way to say “thank you”, we’re offering rewards to anyone who helps us grow our community.

What is the reward?

$500 Visa Gift Card

All connections are good connections, and we appreciate any introductions to hiring managers you think could benefit from using our services. As a token of appreciation, we’re offering you a $500 gift card when your referral becomes a client.


Please read through the requirements (below) to be eligible.

How to submit a


Submit a referral using the submittal form (at the bottom of this page) or contact your account manager.


Eligibility requirements:


  • The referred client must be new to working with OnPoint
  • The referred client must use our services within six (6) months of the referral

Why refer someone to OnPoint?

We hope you enjoy working with us and feel confident referring your connections to join us. As a refresher, here are some of the benefits of working with OnPoint:


  • Quality candidates – our candidates have eight (8) years of experience on average and maintain appropriate credentials.
  • We value doing the right thing and are passionate about going the extra mile for our clients
  • Flexible solutions – from PRN and staff augmentation to departmental outsourcing
  • Dedicated account manager

Submit a referral today!

Once you submit your information, you’ll automatically be entered into our system and given credit for the referral. You don’t have to take any further action. We’ll be in touch if your referral becomes a client!